About us

With the Honor of Providing Reliable Project Service

Since its founding in 1996, Tez Yapı has provided static project services in numerous fields of civil engineering. Upon completing the restructuring process in 2016, we have widened our scale incorporating architecture, design coordination, and consultancy services into the company’s structure. Today, we are proud to be able to provide all project services of industrial and commercial facilities from a single roof.

Our goal is to be a brain team that builds reliable, functional and sustainable buildings all around the world.

We have formed a small team consisting of talented and experienced people who believe that high service quality can only be provided by A-players. In addition, thanks to our unique project management system*, we have been able to increase productivity without sacrificing quality.

In our opinion, the secrets of success are incorporation reasoning into the production process, blending experience with data and caring for the work. Our reward is the satisfaction of our customers and our buildings are the monuments of our hard work.

Güven ÖZER

General Manager